Sunday, November 15, 2009

Winter Bags

Winter is fast approaching, to brace for this season one’s clothing and accessories change from the bright-colored, shorter and skimpier ones in the summer to heavy sweaters and coats, longer thicker pants and boots in the winter. Although the transition starts out in fall with cold longer nights and shorter days, we don’t fully experience these changes until winter when the nights are so freezing sometimes one forgets what it’s like to feel the sun on one’s skin. With all these weather changes, one question that comes to mind often is which handbags are good for the winter? While many factors influence ones decision in selecting the appropriate bag(s) for the winter, these are the most important ones -- the weather, color, size and your personality.

A key factor in choosing a winter bag is what your winter is like. The winter experienced by someone living in southern California is very different from what one will experience in Chicago. So while the west coast fashionista can still carry bags from the summer and fall collections in the winter, the average woman in Chicago is restricted to winter collections. A moisture repellant and water-resistant hand bag (see our previous blog on water-resistant bags) seems more appropriate for that person living in Chicago who is concerned with keeping her bag looking good after many raining and snowy days.

Most winter clothing tends to be dark or dull colors like black, brown or grey so we naturally choose matching accessories with similar colors. I think it’s worth venturing out a bit this winter by trying multi-colored bags with dark and light colors like these multi-colored totes. If you are edgier, you can try bolder colors like red, yellow or orange. It would definitely brighten up your short winter days.

Size matters a lot when it comes to winter bags --if you will be carrying many items like winter caps, neck scarves and umbrella back and forth because of the weather, then you need bigger totes instead of small hobos or clutch bags. This is when dual function bags help the most; for example, the bag can be used as a clutch during the summer and a tote in the winter. For such dual purpose bags check out our Marielle collection (in an Espresso/Natural or sunflower/ocean).

Finally, knowing fully well that our personalities vary widely, my only tip here is that you express yourself freely with the style of bag that you like as long as the other important factors are fully covered! So browse through the Bo’s Art, Marysol and Robert le heros collections @ coquese and see if you find any bag that satisfies your winter needs!


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