Friday, August 14, 2009

About Coquese

Coquese World Boutique, LLC was founded by three passionate women who love fashion and want to enrich people lives by connecting them with a wide variety of products ranging from handbags, jewelries, home-decoration, watches and much more. Our goal is to provide an online store front for individuals who share our passion of collecting exquisite multicultural products from diverse countries that are proudly made by talented designers. We offer products that are Cultural, Original, High Quality, Unique, Eco-friendly,Sophisticated and Elegant -- COQUESE!

Culture reflects the origin of our products. We bring myriad of products from all over the world.

Originality reflects the freshness of our products. In addition to well known brands, we also carry potential new brands.

Quality reflects the superiority of the material and craftsmanship that is used in manufacturing the products that we carry.

Uniqueness reflects the distinctive nature of our products. For every person with a unique taste, try shopping at COQUESE.

Eco-friendliness reflects our commitment to preserve the earth. The eco-friendly fashionista would find a home here.

Sophistication reflects our shared fashion value. Either you are aspiring to a higher or new level of sophistication, or you just want to maintain your current fashion taste, shop here.

Elegance reflects the tasteful richness of our products. For the person seeking an elegant look for special occasions such as parties, feel free to explore the plethora of products in our gallery.

We are committed to bringing COQUESE products to our customers. In addition, we love interaction with our customers and we are open to suggestions on potential products or ideas that you would like to see at COQUESE. Send suggestions, comments and questions to

We hope you experience ordinary moments with extraordinary sensation while shopping at COQUESE !

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