Friday, January 28, 2011

weekend color

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I live in NYC and this winter, we've gotten quite a lot of snow. I tell you, the first few weeks of winter was beautiful. Just seeing everywhere covered with snow is an amusing sight. Even more amusing is the sound of snow especially, in the morning when you're the first one to step on them. The crunchy noise coming from your shoes as you lift them up and back down onto the snow sounds like a symphony. It's all wonderful and magical! And yet, I can't help looking forward to Spring.

You know why?  It's because this morning, I saw this amazing colorful skinny narrow leg trouser in the Zara and the Jazz collection.  I'm drooling over these pants so bad I can't even decide which color to get.  I wish I could get the pants in all four colors so I can wear them four times a week. As soon as I saw the pants, I already knew how I would wear them.  I would accessorize them with a white belt and this Audrey Blossom Robert le Heros handbag. This multi-colored handbag matches all the colors these pants come in so I don't need to change the handbag four times a week. 
How would you accessorize these pants? I'd really love to know.

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