Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bag spills don’t have to fatal

Have you ever spilled coffee on your handbag? Ever had a cosmetic accident leaving your purse smeared with lip gloss or lip stick? Ever had a hand sanitizer spill all over your bag leaving it dripping with liquid? Yes, this happened to one of my friends; she’s been carrying hand sanitizers everywhere to avoid contracting the H1N1 virus -- I really don’t blame her. If you are like me or my friend, you've experienced these type of incidences too often than you would like. One moment of indiscretion, and your handbag might be ruined. Well, I found out that spills don’t have to be fatal; with a waterproof handbag one doesn’t have to worry about spills because you can just wipe them off. So if you are in the market shopping for waterproof bags, check out the diverse collections of water-resistant bags, pouches, travel cases and totes at Coquese. Here are pictures of two of my favorite water resistant bags -- the Audrey Blossom tote and the Blossom clutch. These bags also come in Audrey Indigo, Audrey Lily and Audrey Clair.


                                  Audrey Blossom tote and Clutch                                                                                                                                                       
  Interior of the Blossom Clutch

As you can see, this clutch would have saved my friend from a hand sanitizer spill, LOL!  Well, hope you found this article helpful. We at Coquese would love to hear about your interesting “bag spills” and solutions that have worked for you so leave us a note and let us you stopped by. We look forward to hearing from you!


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