Friday, December 11, 2009

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Perfect Gift

The holiday season is here, Christmas lights are up and shoppers are out in the malls and online looking for the best deals. If you are like me, you still have a lot of shopping left to be done and probably, you will still be shopping until Christmas Eve.  Although it takes me some time to find the “perfect gift” for a family member or friend, in spite of that, I enjoy the experience even much more than shopping for myself.  The thought of how happy my loved one will be when she receives that “perfect gift” melts my heart.  I also enjoy shopping for a loved one because it gives me the opportunity to think of her in ways I usually don’t. Thoughts like what does the person need and what does the person like comes to mind. The “perfect gift” should address these two thoughts to some degree.

What does the person need - A need is a necessity fulfilling a missing value in one’s life. Buying gifts based on needs is typically the first instinct when shopping for a loved one. However, one needs to be careful because the recipient might prefer meeting her own needs instead of someone else assuming that responsibility. So even though you recognize a need in a loved one’s life, you might want to make sure that she’s comfortable with you satisfying her need before buying that gift. Try dropping hints and notice the person’s response; this will help you gauge her openness to the gift.  Also keep in mind that while gifts addressing obvious needs might not be welcomed, gifts fulfilling obscure but accurately anticipated needs might be well-received with open arms and heart. So think critically about your loved one and see if you can anticipate a non obvious need. For example, have you noticed your sister’s black handbag is wearing out and she needs another one? A black handbag might be the “perfect gift” for the holidays. 

What does the person like - By what a person likes, I am referring to an item that is not a necessity but your loved one has some or maybe, a strong preference for the item. For example, my baby sister needs a pair of pumps for work but she loves sketchers so instead of buying her pumps, I am getting her the sketchers.  I am shying away from buying her what she needs because I am sure she’ll rather get the pumps for herself so I am getting a gift she would always love to receive.  

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 Happy holidays from all of us at Coquese!

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