Monday, November 7, 2011

Get Styling with Murval Paris Accessories

Happy Monday Everyone,

This is yet another exciting day at Coquese because we are debuting a lovely collection of handbags and belts  from Murval Paris.  This line offers tastefully-crafted stunning, durable and affordable accessories! When I saw these lovely pieces, I was literally going to get one of each item. I know you are wondering, are they really that good? Yes, they are!
           Thomas Leopard Satin bow Hobo
To understand my fascination, let me introduce to you,  the Thomas Leopard Satin bow Hobo. This hobo has a unique tasteful look that makes it perfect for spicing up a Jeans & T-shirt outfit or a nice sexy dress on a romantic outing with a significant other. This handbag would definitely bring out your wild side.

 Now, if  you are interested in a sleek look either for a formal or causal occasion, then check out the Grainy Trio. Every fashion-forward lady needs at least of these in her closet.  
          Wide cinched belts in black and beige.

Are you looking to accessorize a dress or blouse with a belt? Then check out the “wide cinched” belts in black and beige.
These are just a few of our new accessories so check out other gorgeous ones from this amazing collection. They'll brighten up your day and your closets too!

Have an awesome week and remember to drop us a note letting us know which Murval Paris product you like most.


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