Monday, October 10, 2011

DIY Glittery Boots!

Happy Monday everyone!!!  Autumn is here!!!  Fall is my favorite season out of all.  I just love the crispy sounding of dry leaves as I step on them.  And that subtle color of auburn and orange just brightens up any gloomy day.  Color is not the only thing I love about Fall, of course.  What else?  The boots obviously!!!  After 6 months (spring+summer) of going barefooted (sandals and flip flops do feel bare to me), it's time to break out all the knee high boots and booties!!!  A good pair of boots can last years and years.  After wearing them for several seasons, wouldn't you want them to have a "bootie-lift"?  When I came across this DIY, it hit me.  I knew this is the perfect DIY to share.

Thanks to Steph and Trish (Le.Franciulle blog) for sharing this awesome DIY.  Head to her blog for the full instructions here!!!

{all images via Le.Franciulle}



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